Thank you for visiting the A.S. Living History site.  This collection, thus far, has been created from a wide array of resources documenting UCSB’s vibrant student history .  Drawing together student reflections, photos, event flyers,  news clippings, audio and video recordings that have been compiled over the past six months.  This is by no means a representative collection and presently spans a single file cabinet and and provides spotty coverage of 1968-1972 and 1996-2002.  Most importantly, it is expected to grow over time with the addition of materials from you !

Mahader W. Tesfai
A.S. Living History Project Coordinator

Hope all is well with you. As you know, I currently live in SB and I’m working on a project for A.S. that would greatly benefit from your participation.
I am working on a interactive website that will document the evolution of student activism from the perspective of students who have been actively involved in AS and greater SB community throughout the years and contributed to the development of the association.
At some point, I would like to talk to you about coming down to UCSB as part of a broader conversation with students about the impact/history of activism on campus.
But at this point, if you have anything you can provide in terms of written history of orgs you were a part of, major campaign victories or defeats, photos or materials that are relevant to the topic; it would be great if you could share.
It’s amazing how little is known by students about their history on this campus. This project is meant to try to correct that and contextualize this history from a student perspective.
Thanks for your time.
Peace, Mahader
·       Definitely, let me know when you’re here bro!  Your project sounds great. Problem is that all my stuff was probably on the Women’s Commission computer in AS. I don’t have pictures out here or any documents. I was just talking to someone about your post and what we did back in the day and that most likely students would have no idea today what we went through to get that shit together. Isn’t it the way with all movements. Love you bro and always think of you. Working my ass of (with the threat of being laid off).
·       That sounds amazing Mahader!! How about we set up a call to talk about it all? This coming week is pretty gross for me, but the following week is good. How are you doing?? I miss your beautiful face! I’d so love to come up there and talk to students dude, so much to reflect on!
·       Sounds good man! I’m in New York now on an organizing blitz, hit me up next week if you can…ciao
·       What a beautiful project, Mahader! I will need to get busy with scanning pictures for you. I know Hun & Harley have some also. As for the history, I don’t have anything written, but I’d be happy to write something for you.
·       That is brilliant! I would love to help with the project. I will look for old documents about things I was involved in. So is writing up histories based on my recollections what you have in mind?
·       Mahader! Great idea! crazy timing….seriously…I was just thinking about you this morning!! not sure why, just totally random thought that went something like “I wonder what happened to Mahader?” , so it is really nice to hear from you now!  I’d love to participate. Let me think about some issues and see what I can get written down. I live in Oakland, but usually get down to SB 4 or 5 times a year for work and to visit friends, so I’d also be really interested in participating in a conversation with students. I have TONS of photos of protests and actions we did on campus. What is your timeline? When would you like materials sent to you?
·       Sounds like a great project. And yes, the problem of student activists being unaware of their own history is an omnipresent one… I remember talking about it constantly back in the day… I’ll email you some highlight memories.
·       YES YES YES!!! You know Im down, of course. Let me look thru some shit at my parents pad to see if I have anything. But regardless I am down to talk about this with you and brainstorm on ideas, opportunities, and making this shit happen. Keep me in the loop, I will also put this on my radar but I am def committed to 1) helping you and 2) making sure there is historical memory at UCSB for student activistas, we have to keep this going!!
·       Sure, I would love to help! By when do you need all this, Bro?
·       Hi Mahader. I would be honored to participate. I have saved a lot of the old newspaper clippings. Let me know a good time to get together.
·       What up, Mahader! Good to hear from you. Sounds like a pretty cool job. I do have some stuff like pictures and documents that I saved but they are all in the states in a big file folder. If you can wait 2 years (or maybe next summer if I come for a visit), I can hand them to you. I really want them to have some use.
·       Hey Mahader! Yes, I would love to provide and written history of what I remember and can put together, I actually do have some stuff but it is at home in southern California since I am still trying to archive some of my stuff. Let me know when you needed this by and we can go from there!
·       Hey Mahader, I would love to participate! I can write some stuff down for you about my time there and what I remember happening. I’m currently working with SEIU in Portland. I mostly do Online Communications. I’m doing pretty well. Would love to visit and hang out with you. I am planning a trip down south soon would love to make a pit stop in SB.
·       Hello Mahader, I did get this message after all. I’d be very ready to work with you in whatever way I can on this. Can we make a date to talk?
·       Hi Mahader,thanks for the information. I will refer your inquiry to our University Archivist, David Gartrell and to Amanda Demeter, University Archives Assistant.  I will be in touch in the next few days. David is on vacation and I will be out on Friday.  I am happy to help in any way. This website is a great idea.
·       Hi Mahader, I am leaving for Europe In 24 hours.  It will be difficult for me to do anything at this point. We should therefore do it when I come back, November 3. I hope it is not too inconvenient.  See you then