Student/Community Organizing

A.S. Food Bank

As of April 19, 2011, the Associated Students Food Bank was officially open. This service provides free non-perishable food and toiletries to students in need and respects the confidentiality of its users. The A.S. Food Bank we have serviced over 700 students and over 3000 visits.  The Associated Students Food Bank is run and led by students […]

Concerned Students

1993 Library Occupation:  Members of the group Concerned Students take over the library and stage an all-night teach-in to protest the UCSB admin’s recent decision to shorten the library’s hours.  The action is part of a UC-wide day of action protesting fee increases and dwindling student services in the UC system.   Due to a […]

Student Lobby

Student Lobby History In the late 1960’s, University of California students interning in state legislature offices observed a need for an organization to represent student opinion at the state capitol level.  It was at this point in time that the Legislature was authoring some of the most regressive pieces of legislation ever, such as surrounding […]

A.S. Boards

Academic Affairs Board was first established in the late 1960’s in order to provide a formal vehicle for student input into academic areas.  The number of committees open to students has grown over the years to include representation in general education, undergraduate education, academic planning, and educational planning to name a few.  This list has […]

Last Lecture Series

    “The Last Lecture” idea has become a common exercise on many college campuses.  Professors are asked to consider their own deaths and speak about what matters most to them.  A.S. Academic Affairs Board was inspired by Randy Pausch’s Carnegie Mellon University lecture to start UCSB’s own Last Lecture Series.  Alan Fridlund, a Psychology Professor […]

Chican@ Student Organizing

In January of 1968, Chican@ student organizing began at UCSB, when UMAS [United Mexican American Students] was created by twenty-six Chicano students on the UCSB campus; Castúlo de la Rocha was the organization’s first president.  Followed by Joel García in 1968-1969, Ernesto Pérez in 1969-1970–the first local resident elected to an executive position– and Javier Escobar in 1970-1971. […]