What is the Living History Project?

The Living History Project is a branch of Associated Students that tracks, archives, and narrates the history of student activism at UCSB.  It traces the origins of organizations such as BSU, El Congreso, A.S. Queer Commission, Associated Students, etc. and outlines how they were developed and integrated into our community.  This project shifts the historical point of view towards the students and shows how they enacted change on and off campus.  The Living History Project amplifies the voices of the students in the face of corruption, injustice, and inequity and will continue to serve as a platform as current social and political issues arise.


Sift through old newspapers, articles, meeting notes, and archived photographs using UCSB’s Special Collections Research. Take advantage of the Alexandria Digital Research Library and gain access to thousands of historical records, interviews, and photographs that provide a living historical connection to the past.

Signing up is simple and allows you to request archived files from Special Collections for papers, projects, clubs, or personal enjoyment!

Contact Us

For more information on articles, BCU’s, collaboration events, pop-up events, or the Living History Project, contact us at livinghistory@as.ucsb.edu

Be sure to follow our other social media platforms for #HistoricalHighlights and pop-up events around campus!

If you have any information regarding the history of student activism at UCSB/Isla Vista, send us what you know!  Include any old flyers, posters, or documents you can get your hands on and send us a message.




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