Student & Community Issues

The Fight For An Ethnic & Gender Studies Requirement

The fight for Ethnic, Gender, and Sexualities general education requirement at UCSB has taken many different shapes over the years.  One of the more recent UCSB student initiated campaigns took form in  2004 with the G.E. Coalitions: Queer, Gender, and Sexualities Campaign.   Prior to the 2004 campaign a student coalition named the United Front […]

Historical Walking Tour

Historical Walking Tour One of the goals of the A.S. Living History Project is to create a historical walking tour of UCSB, Isla Vista, and the greater Santa Barbara that tells the stories of peoples political and social engagement.  By collecting different peoples relationship to the land, the goal is to uncover sites where pivotal […]

Chican@ Student Organizing

In January of 1968, Chican@ student organizing began at UCSB, when UMAS [United Mexican American Students] was created by twenty-six Chicano students on the UCSB campus; Castúlo de la Rocha was the organization’s first president.  Followed by Joel García in 1968-1969, Ernesto Pérez in 1969-1970–the first local resident elected to an executive position– and Javier Escobar in 1970-1971. […]

Middle Eastern Student Organizing

  Students For Justice In Palestine  Thank you to UC Santa Barbara student Noor Alhuda for providing the following write-up and images of Student For Justice In Palestine projects from 2010-2011.  She also provides helpful context, explaining some of the goals and rationale informing SJP’s programming and actions throughout the years.   Title: Palestine/Israel: Is […]

Student Response To War

Student Response To War Fall 1967, Anti-Viet Nam war activism constituted the majority of student political activity at UCSB.  Small groups of students, among them the Student Peace Committee, organized a series of non-violent demonstrations that included picketing induction centers and the ROTC building, counseling student draft resisters, collecting signatures against the war, and sponsoring silent vigils and campus […]

History of Police and Community Relations

Police Brutality and UCSB Students Students, particularly students of color, have long complained of being on the receiving end of discrimination, bias, racial profiling and harassment at the hands of local law enforcement; including but not limited to the UC Police Department, the Isla Vista Foot Patrol, the Santa Barbara Police Department and the Santa […]